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Welcome to the George Voland Web Site

Welcome—and thanks for stopping by!

I love playing jazz, as you'll read and hear right here.

Perhaps we already know one another, or perhaps you Googled "valve trombone players" and found out that I'm in very select company of players of an uncommon instrument that often elicits "Uh … I really like what you're playing on that… that …what is that horn, anyway?"

Even though my instrument may be a curiosity to the uninitiated, my sound and my approach to jazz is not. I'm in the select company of all jazz players and listeners who feel the excitement, humor, conversational spontaneity, and beauty of jazz. Maybe you're already such a player or listener, or maybe you aim to be one.

If so, I invite you to take a few moments to check out the words and music you'll find here on my site. I'm especially happy to share some great players and tunes with you on Remember Beauty: George Voland and Friends, available through hundreds of retailers, CD Baby, and iTunes, as well as other selections on this site that feature fine jazz musicians and musicians in other genres with whom I've had the pleasure of recording.

You’ll also find under Latest News a weekly piece of writing, Sunday Jazz at the Hinesburgh Public House, about the guest players and the food at this weekly gig, plus information on upcoming gigs by Pine Street Jazz, the Vermont Jazz Ensemble, and my freelance gigs.


George Voland and Friends: Remember Beauty CD cover

George Voland and Friends: Remember Beauty CD is available online. See the details by clicking here, or order a copy or tracks from CD Baby.